Build skills to innovate

PlayCards distil six years of research into the skills and capabilities organisations need to be able to innovate into a simple tool that helps individuals, small groups and teams.

In his work, Matt Ballantine has spoken with people in traditional businesses, the arts, government, consulting and more to create a straightforward model that helps people to understand what they need to be able to do to do things differently.

PlayCards enable you to play with those concepts, and take clear actions to build up the attributes you and your organisation need to innovate in our ever-changing world.

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For individuals

You can use PlayCards to explore your own appetites and comfort for the 13 critical skills and capabilities necessary to be a successful innovator. From a skills inventory, through to daily prompts, PlayCards can help you get better at making significant changes happen.

For teams

PlayCards can allow teams to build a common language for innovation skills, and explore different levels of capability and comfort that exist in different people. They can also provide a valuable way to identify key gaps in a teams’ innovation capability, or areas of complacency.

For coaches and consultants

With PlayCards, internal and external coaches and consultants can explore issues around capability and comfort to help their clients create positive plans to increase their innovation capability.

The story so far

Matt started his research after many years working within and consulting for large organisations and observing that whilst they often would express a desired to become more innovative, they often seemed to lack the right mindsets and people for innovative change to become a reality.

As well as talking with people in his consulting clients, Matt extended his search across the world of technology startups, big corporate R&D, and less obvious places like improvisational comedy, theatre, the arts and music.

The result of this work is a framework that describes 13 attributes in 3 key areas – the skills of the bricoleur.

Matt is an accidental cardmaker, with his first playing cards CIO Priorities launched in 2018, shortly followed by the CMO Priorities, CHRO Priorities and Startup Priorities.

Subsequently he produced a limited edition Data Priorities set for Business Information Software provider Domo, and then a new game The Matrix Mindset for Leading Edge Forum in 2019.

The first version of PlayCards was created in the spring of 2021, and Matt has been testing the content and ideas both in person and virtually. You can find a virtual deck to see what the cards look like here. He’s been working with designer Ellie Dallison since the early summer to create a visual identity for the cards, and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign this autumn to take the cards into production

Get notified when the PlayCards Crowdfunder starts