Harvey Nichols

If I’d done slides today, they’d have looked a bit like these:


If you are interested in the main game we ran today, you can find the original version here: http://www.velocitypartners.net/blog/2017/06/13/scrum-lego-simulation-agile-game/

There was another one I thought about running here: http://www.leansimulations.org/2011/02/lean-lego-game-4-rounds-to-successful.html (the Lego required for the latter one is a bit more complicated).

Finally there’s another one here: http://www.dtsato.com/blog/work/lean-lego-game/

Any questions that pop up you can find me at matt@stamplondon.co.uk, on Twitter at @ballantine70 and finally on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/mattballantine

Now let’s see the flypast again…