21st Century Management Recipes

These recipe cards summarise some of the techniques and models that I use to help clients. Some are my own, some come from other people. All of the documents are commentable – please do let me know what you think of them!

Social, Networking and Social Networking

Modern Networking – a framework for how, as individuals, we can make sense of how and where we should be putting our networking energy

Four Heads for Social Networks – what channels should you use when, and how can you work out if you should adopt a new one?

Three principles for social networks – three simple ideas to help focus and get greater impact from your social networking communication.

Collaborative Personae – how to identify the different team types in which we might work, and therefore understand what “collaboration” means in those contexts

*New* Remote Working – help for teams that are distributed geographically

Managing technology

Digital Architecture – a simple model that helps to unpick where and how you should be making investment into technology.

Digital Evolution – a maturity model for the management and leadership of all things digital in organisations.

Service design

The 3 Ps of Client Experience – a simple model to understand how to create the things around a great service to meet or exceed your client’s expectations

Building trust – an inventory to understand how to develop trust with others.

Designing, managing and leading change 

STOP Chart – a simple technique to help plan workshops

Tulip culture – a model to help unpick what people might mean when they say “culture change”

The Curve – a summary of the work of Nicholas Lovell, which in many ways explains why I’m publishing these recipes.

6 Principles of Socio-Technical Thinking – practical features to design projects and the output of change projects so that they take account of more than just technology change

Business Benefit Networks  – a facilitation and planning technique that helps groups to understand what changes might be necessary (and their interdependencies) to succeed

Platform Thinking – rather than developing solutions to problems, deliver platforms upon which others can build and maintain adaptability into the future

Innovation Engine – A framework that enables people to work in supportive teams to deliver innovative change within organisations

*New* GROW Coaching Model – a model to help people find answers to their own problems

*New* Situational Leadership – a way of thinking about building skills and capabilities in others.

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