#socialCEO October 2013

iStock_000017214790_smallAngela Ahrendt’s departure from Burberry to Apple will see a 55% decrease in the total numbers of people following FTSE100 CEOs on Twitter. This is one of the starkest facts to come from the stamp #socialCEO report.

Find out more insight into how these UK industry leaders are using (or ignoring) social network services in the October #socialCEO report. You can download the report here for free: http://bit.ly/StampSocialCEOReportOct2013

Back in July, stamp conducted a first pass of research into the social network habits of the CEOs of the FTSE100. We’ve just completed a refresh of that research, and despite an average increase of 9.5% in numbers of employees the FTSE100 have using LinkedIn, the social patterns of most top leaders remain significantly disconnected.

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