of clocks and clouds

This week I’m giving a version of this presentation at Digital Shoreditch, the Surrey Software Meetup, and Technology.ug. If you are coming along to any of those events, reading the notes in the slide deck will really spoil the surprise. But there again, if you want to come along to singalong…

You can find the slides and notes here:


The original 1951 paper by Trist & Bamforth on the complexities of the new methods of mining can be found here.

You can find an unpacking of the Chiat/Day “smart” working debacle in this Wired article.

The wonderful Flipchart Rick unpicks the UKCES report (and the source report can be found here).

A transcript of Karl Popper’s original Of Clocks and Clouds (far more intelligent, far fewer sarky lines) is available here.

Albert Cherns 1976 paper is here.

And Nehimiah Jordan’s paper about machines vs humans can be obtained from here.

There are a number of techniques that might help you to address Cloud-like problems in my set of 21st Century Management recipes.

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