Startup Priorities

A new addition to the suite of Priority cards is the Startup Priorities set. The cards encapsulate the sorts of concerns that will (or at least should) be running through the minds of the leaders of early-stage startup businesses.

The cards have been designed with two audiences in mind: firstly to help startups themselves to sense check and plan their own priorities; and secondly to help executives in established businesses gain greater insight into the different challenges that are faced by businesses less mature than their own.

You can download the cards now here: Startup Priorities

If you would like to get a set of printed cards, then please register your interest in the form below; production for early adopters will start soon, and early sets for those registering will be available in March at £30 including VAT, postage and packaging.

Information submitted in this form will be used exclusively for giving access to the early adopter Startup Priorities offer, and will not be used for any other marketing.