I provide three core services:


All of my consulting starts with the aim to build capability in the client to solve their own problems. The approaches that I take are open sourced, and available to all.

research and writing

Alongside my own blog, I write on digital themes for a number of clients from short-form blogging to extensive research projects. Recent commissions include work on defining and delivering projects that can cope with the reality of ambiguity, and a major research initiative looking at how to increase organisational collaboration through the successful adoption of technology.

I am currently researching and writing a book about the role of play in professional life. Along with my friend Chris Weston, I also produce a weekly podcast WB-40.

facilitation and speaking

I have a small portfolio of tried and tested workshops that can be adapted to client needs, covering themes of innovation, remote working, team collaboration and agility.

I am a well-regarded speaker and facilitator, and have been involved in public and in house events for a number of clients. Topics range from general themes of digital disruption, through to more targeted work on the importance of networking in the social network era, the changing role of the CIO, and the impact of digital on internal service groups from HR to IT.


After five years I’ve launched my first physical products: CxO Priorites. They are card games about the priority juggling act that is being a leader in a big organisation.