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CEO, Biotech company

These workshops have been tried and tested, but can obviously be adapted to suit your specific needs:

Delivering Collaborative Advantage

Helping teams to work better together.

Understanding agility

Understanding concepts of agility and how to get a team to increase its agile capability.

Getting your message across

A short session for non-comms professionals on better communication.

Tech for non-Techies

A modular programme of knowledge and learning that can ensure your senior leaders are informed technology buyers.

Team working

Available in half- or full-day formats, Team working draws extensively on my research into collaboration in organisations to help managers understand team motivations, the barriers to effective collaboration, and provides them with practical techniques and tools to foster better teamworking.

Remote working

90 minutes to half a day, a session to help teams to understand how they can work better when they are in different places and time zones.

The session can be run as a management exercise, or with teams who are having to work remotely. With teams, the session can be run face to face or facilitated using conference technology.

Sessions can be tailored to run with groups between 6 and 50 people. All sessions may contain traces of Lego.

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