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I had the pleasure last night of appearing as a panellist at the August Tech TalkFest event in London. I joined Marion Gamel from EventBrite, Christine Reilly from PR firm Hotwire, and David Davies from Bates Wells Braithwaite LLP talking business tips for startups. Feeling something of a fraud given my one-week status as a startup, I drew on my 20 years in corporates of one sort or another, procuring many technology offers along the way…

Understand your customer, clients and consumers

Most products or services have to service the needs of different groups: the people who actually pay for a service, and the differing ones who use it. Taking the event organisation tool EventBrite as an example – an event organiser has very different needs to someone who is registering to attend. Confusing those leads to confusion about where the benefits of your service may lie, or what they actually are.

Have empathy with those groups

Empathy is a really powerful thing. It can manifest itself in many different ways:

– remembering that the most important thing in your world (your startup) is probably way down the priority list for everyone else in the world. There’s a fine line between admirable persistence and bloody annoying

the power of using the second person pronoun – “you” and “your” rather than “we”, “us” or “our”

– how getting into the minds of your clients, customers and consumers can help to design better products and services (more on this next month at Silicon Beach)

Connecting and giving to those groups

What can you do to reach established communities that exist where your targets live, and what can you talk about with them that is of value to them, and therefore build trust, brand, and sales leads? More on that here.

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Matt has spent the past two decades helping organisations to make sense of where technology, media, content and people collide. He currently is Head of Technology and Transformation for London housing provider RHP. In 2013 he founded Stamp London. Previously he’s worked for Microsoft, Imagination, Reuters and the BBC amongst others.

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