the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 1 Simon Segars

And so we get to the top spot of the top ten #socialCEOs (based our October 2013 report data). At number 1 is the (new) head of the chip maker ARM, Simon Segars. Unlike his peer at number 2, Segars uses social networks to converse rather than to broadcast. Over 500 connections on LinkedIn, andContinue reading “the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 1 Simon Segars”

the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 2 Angela Ahrendts

We are into the top two of the top ten #socialCEOs (based our October 2013 report data). At number 2 – and soon to be departing these shores – luxury fashion house Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts. Putting Ahrendts in the second spot may be somewhat controversial. She alone held some 55% of all of the TwitterContinue reading “the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 2 Angela Ahrendts”

the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 3 Sir Martin Sorrell

Continuing our countdown of the top ten #socialCEOs (based our October 2013 report data) and at number 3 marketing behemoth WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell. Sorrell is one of only three FTSE100 CEOs who uses the LinkedIn service as a platform to publish content as an influencer (one is still to be announced in the topContinue reading “the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 3 Sir Martin Sorrell”

FTSE100 changes and the social network impact

Every three months FTSE (the people who co-ordinate the various stock exchange indices) review the constituent members of the FTSE100 and FTSE250 and then make changes based on the current market view. You can find out more about that process here. Yesterday saw the December review announced. Here’s what we think that means from theContinue reading “FTSE100 changes and the social network impact”