the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 2 Angela Ahrendts

02 Angela AhrendtsWe are into the top two of the top ten #socialCEOs (based our October 2013 report data). At number 2 – and soon to be departing these shores – luxury fashion house Burberry’s Angela Ahrendts.

Putting Ahrendts in the second spot may be somewhat controversial. She alone held some 55% of all of the Twitter followship of the FTSE100 CEO community in October (and her own following has increased 50% since the announcement of her move to Apple). As a LinkedIn Influencer, she had 158,000 followers – now up to 195,000, which is nearly the daily print circulation of The Guardian newspaper. In terms of raw numbers, she’s far and away the most successfully exploiter of social media amongst her peers.

But it seems to be in a broadcast way – it’s social media, not social networks. the number of people she follows on Twitter, by way of example, increased by just 1 in the period between our summer and autumn surveys. And that’s way she fails to reach the top spot on this list.

She won’t be there at all on our next report in January – and her successor has no social network presence at all last time we looked. Whether Ahrendts will maintain her own activity when she transfers to the notoriously secretive Apple is a matter of great interest.

Burberry have corporate Twitter and LinkedIn presence.

Find out who’s number 1 tomorrow…

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