the #socialCEO top ten trumps – 10 Carolyn McCall

10 Carolyn McCallBack in October we published the results of our second quarterly survey into the social network habits of the FTSE 100 and their CEOs. You can find the full report here.

One thing that lots of people have asked for is a definitive list of the top performing CEOs today in the world of social. So, in the run up to the festive season, we’re going to give you a run down of the top 10 #socialCEOs. And as our little (being the operative word) gift to you, they’re coming as a cut-out-and-keep trumps card game format to keep you entertained over the family dinner table. Assuming you have a deep dislike for your family.

We first need to stress that creating a top 10 list has been a struggle given the lack of engagement generally, and our complex weighting algorithms include overall brand use of social channels (specifically LinkedIn and Twitter) as well as the CEO’s own use. We’ll be publishing the full 100 in the New Year, in advance of the next report that’s due at the end of January.

So kicking off at number 10 – and a new to the FTSE CEO – Carolyn McCall of EasyJet. And already you are probably seeing how hard a job this has been. McCall has no LinkedIn presence, and her Twitter activity is hardly existent (one presumes the account a legacy back to her Guardian days to keep Alan Rusbridger happy).

But it’s that account that scrapes her into the number 10 spot; EasyJet’s brand use of social networks is fairly extensive, with the company tweeting and having a solid LinkedIn company presence.

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