#socialCEO report – October 2013

iStock_000017214790_smallAngela Ahrendt’s departure from Burberry to Apple will see a 55% decrease in the total numbers of people following FTSE100 CEOs on Twitter. This is one of the starkest facts to come from the stamp #socialCEO report.

Find out more insight into how these UK industry leaders are using (or ignoring) social network services in the October #socialCEO report. You can download the report here for free: http://bit.ly/StampSocialCEOReportOct2013

Back in July, stamp conducted a first pass of research into the social network habits of the CEOs of the FTSE100. We’ve just completed a refresh of that research, and despite an average increase of 9.5% in numbers of employees the FTSE100 have using LinkedIn, the social patterns of most top leaders remain significantly disconnected.

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Matt has spent the past two decades helping organisations to make sense of where technology, media, content and people collide. He currently is Head of Technology and Transformation for London housing provider RHP. In 2013 he founded Stamp London. Previously he’s worked for Microsoft, Imagination, Reuters and the BBC amongst others.